It’s a bird. It's a plane. No wait, it's Katherine Browning!

I may look like just another girl next door, but I'm something more. I'm a superhero. What's my power? Creating a world of possibility through fearlessness.

And between you and me, fearlessness is terrifying. But that's why it's worthy and why I can't get enough of it.

These days I champion films with an indie spirit. You know, those underdog projects that succeed on the back of dedicated dreamers and professionals. Like when I starred in the independent horror film "4 Dead Girls: The Soultaker."

But you won't catch me playing Clash of Clans in my Bat Cave for too long. I'll demand more of myself every time. The webseries "Napoleon Bon Appetit," which I produced and starred in, earned a screening at the AOF International Film Festival and got distribution through 20/20 Productions. And for the webseries "Hal the Pervert Ghost," I won an LA Web Fest award for "outstanding achievement for a lead actress in a comedy." 


Currently my heroic self is writing her first screenplay, acquiring the skills of producing, and figuring out what it means to be authentic. 

OK. OK. So the truth is, my superpower isn't very super. Anyone can do it. I see something that scares me, I take action, and save the day on the other side.

If you need to believe in possibility, I'm your superhero. Shine my name into the sky and against a cloud...or email me.